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Please find our curriculum intent information below:

Learning Happily Together: Aims and Objectives of Lowe’s Wong School Curriculum


The curriculum at Lowe's Wong School is centred around the school's motto of "Learning Happily Together."  This motto shapes our school’s approach to everything we do, and is encapsulated in both the content of the curriculum and in the school environment. 


The emphasis in our curriculum is cultivating engaged and inquisitive young minds. Enquiry Themes are carefully structured around enquiry-based questions that stimulate all children’s curiosity.  We aspire to build and enhance our children’s ability to ask questions, nurturing them into inquisitive thinkers, allowing them to develop a deeper learning, and providing a challenge for all.  Our curriculum builds a strong knowledge in all Early Years and National Curriculum subjects as well as instilling the skills and mindsets children will need for success beyond Lowe’s Wong Infant School.


Equally important as the learning itself is the happiness and well-being of each child. At Lowe's Wong Infant School, we strive to nurture every child's self-confidence and resilience by emphasising strong, caring relationships between staff and students, "the care staff give to pupils is second to none’ (Ofsted 2023).  Staff get to know each child as an individual, and because of this, children who attend our school feel safe and supported to make mistakes, take risks in their learning, and develop perseverance and other skills that lead to success both in and out of school.  As also stated by Ofsted, "the children are well known to staff," further enabling the nurturing environment.  We believe that a secure, happy learner builds an enthusiastic and resilient learner.


Finally, we stand proudly at the heart of our local community.  Collective experiences are woven into the fabric of our curriculum, enabling collaborative learning, and creating shared memories that form an integral part of our school identity.  Whether through working together on projects, community events, or immersive learning opportunities, we aim to build a sense of belonging and connections among our children.  These communal experiences bolster the school's tight-knit, family-like culture, encourage children to learn from and with one another, and foster a sense of togetherness.  Our curriculum ultimately aims to nurture well-rounded individuals ready to thrive in modern society.